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It’s a Premium Chicken Pie!

Chunks of delicious white meat chicken and a rich homestyle gravy made from real chicken broth and covered with a flakey, pure-vegetable shortening crust…no bottom crust to go soggy!

church pie plate

Optionally we have a Chicken POT Pie available                                                                 containing peas and carrots

                     Hint:  We suggest the chicken-only option as                                               there is more chicken in larger  chunks                                                   …and then you can choose your own                                                     vegetables

It’s A Frozen Product

  To preserve its flavor, all pies are frozen and sit in your freezer until you’re freezer until you’re ready                    …for your convenience!!

        Out of the freezer and into the oven  (Do NOT thaw!)

Start cooking about an hour before you want to eat         (The chicken is already cooked. The baking is to thaw and warm the chicken and gravy, and cook the top crust.)

It’s the ULTIMATE Comfort Food!

Made with the Best of Stuff

These Pies are made by a premium chicken pie                 producer in eastern Massachusetts

  • The plant is USDA inspected
  • They use only MA and CT USDA inspected chickens
  • They have made over 25 million premium pies in almost 30 years

There are 4 Sizes

Single serving

14 oz
Couples 28 oz
Small family 40 oz
Larger family 54 oz

Note: some sizes are not available in some stores

Cooking Instructions

          Remove the wrapping and place the pie on a cookie             sheet in a pre-heated 400 degree oven.

                                        Suggest lining the cookie sheet with a layer                                           of aluminum foil to make the clean up easier.                                         The gravy will likely bubble over the edge of                                           the pie pan.

            Bake uncovered. Wait for the top crust to turn a light             golden brown.

                                         Hint:  The small 14 oz pie cooks nicely in a                                                       toaster oven saving electricity and                                                           reducing kitchen heat.

Cooking times are estimates and may vary with your oven.

Wt. 14 oz 50-60 minutes
Wt. 28 oz 60-75 minutes
Wt. 40 oz 75-85 minutes
Wt. 54 oz 85-95 minutes


           Some serve the pie over rice, mashed potatoes or,                    especially, egg noodles!

           Others enjoy serving with just the crust and add a                  vegetable side.

 Most people enjoy adding cranberry sauce.

 What does the label look like?

The label on the Chicken Pie is RED

red lable

The Chicken Pot Pie with Peas and Carrots is GREEN

green lable

What are those ingredients?

 Chicken Broth                                                                                              Cooked Chicken Meat                                                                                  Wheat                                                                                                      Flour                                                                                                        Vegetable Shortening                                                                                                        Partially Hydrogenated Soybean and Cottonseed Oils                                  Water                                                                                                         Modified Corn Starch                                                                                     (Peas, Carrots) in the vegetable option                                                  Seasoning                                                                                                             Salt
      Spices including Paprika and Tumeric
      Tricalcium Phosphate (Flow agent)
      Paprika Cleoresin (color)
      Natural Flavor                                                                                                         Low Sodium Chicken Base                                                                                     Roasted Chicken
      Tapioca Dextrin
      Chicken Fat
      Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
      Potassium Chloride
      Onion Powder
      Autolyzed Yeast Extract
      Maltodextrin [Starch for texture, a filler made from corn or potato]
      Natural Flavors
      Disodium Inosinate [Flavor enhancer]
      Disodium Guanylate [Flavor enhancer]
      Garlic Powder
      Tumeric (color)
      Lactic Acid
      Calcium Lactate
      Corn Syrup Solids                                                                                              Caramel Color

Where can I get these pies?

Available at:Ten Stop & Shop Markets on Cape Cod                         Falmouth                                                                                                   Mashpee                                                                                                     Sandwich – Route 6A                                                                               Sandwich – Quaker Meeting House                                                             Dennis – Route 134                                                                                   Harwich                                                                                                             Hyannis                                                                                                       Marston Mills                                                                                                     Orleans                                                                                                                 S. Yarmouth, Station Ave

  Windfall Market and West Falmouth Market in Falmouth                         Roche Brothers and Andy’s Market in Mashpee                                       Cotuit Market in Cotuit                                                                                     West Barnstable Market in Barnstable                                                                              And other smaller markets from Falmouth to Orleans 

Also sold seasonally by our church at:                                                                                Mahoney’s Winter Market in East Falmouth during January – March                  Waquoit Farm Market during March – May

And, finally, we sell them right after our weekly church service.

Our Service starts Sunday at 10 am
The pies are sold about 11 am during the Coffee Hour.

We have a very welcoming congregation and an exciting new minister.  We would enjoy having you visit us!

All sizes of pies are available at our church and at a price a little lower than most stores.


Our Chicken Pie Stand at Mahoney’s Winter Market

Why can’t I order one here?

 We regret that we cannot ship these frozen pies.  The cost of the dry ice, the special container, and the postage would make the price terribly unattractive.

How does a church do this?

Our church has a very unusual way of raising funds so we can reach out into our neighborhoods and provide some help.

Over five years ago, in March of 2011, a member of our congregation knew a man that ran a small company in central Massachusetts that made premium frozen chicken pies.  Since they were not doing business on Cape Cod, they provided us with pies with the “Church Pies of Cape Cod” label.  The quality of the pie caused sales to immediately take off and the rest is history.


Our 5th Year Celebratory Cake!

Today we have five freezers in the basement of the church where we do the distribution to our stores.  All our representatives are unpaid volunteers on what we call “The Pie Team”.  Every penny of our profit flows directly to the Mashpee Congregational Church for its outreach into the greater Mashpee/Cape Cod Community.

In five years we have sold approximately 40,000 pies.

What else can we say?

  • Lower Sodium                                                                                                       A serving of our pie contains 530 mg of sodium. Most other frozen chicken pies have about 50% more salt! Our manufacturer makes our pies from tasty, nutritious food and does need to enhance the pies by adding salt.
  • No fancy boxes                                                                            We put the value into the quality of the product, not in it’s fancy package.
  • Are we better than the competition?                                                           We think so, but you taste and you decide!
  • Allergens:                                                                                    Our pies contain Wheat and Soy Products, but                                            No Eggs                                                                                                       No MSG
  • Our pies are very healthy, but not Organic
  • And last, we regret that we have no chicken pies for our friends who are vegetarians!